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Journal Entry #2: I Was Fired...

First off, thank you to everyone that reached out in support of The Failure Journals, I have a good feeling about this already. I woke up the next morning to a 300% website view increase (okay, not so impressive considering my views were like 3 before... and I was probably all three of them, but it's the little accomplishments that matter right!)

Yea... that's right... I got fired. It was my first job ever. I was 16 and worked at the movie theatre. I was in charge of running children birthday parties, and I LOVED it. I took so much pride in the set up and execution. I wanted to take all of the stress off of the parents and ensure that the kids had the best time possible. I was good. I loved working with kids so much that I started to consider a career in a similar field one day, maybe a school teacher, maybe run a day-care, maybe I'd be an Au Pair and get to travel the world! Things were looking up! I had my whole life all figured out at the age of 16.

We got some pretty awesome perks working at the movie theatre, free popcorn, free movies for you and 1 friend and they would even reimburse you for some of your University if you had a high GPA! It was a dream job for a 16 year old.

One day I wanted to go to a movie with three of my friends and I got somewhat peer-pressured into getting my two extra friends in for free because c'mon we were broke high school students, $10 was a lot of money! I figured, what's the harm, the movie wouldn't be sold out and it's not like we were going to be doing anything bad. So, I snuck them in... I felt uneasy about it the whole time. I knew I had done something wrong.

One of my colleagues, who took his job as door man very seriously saw that I had snuck them in and proceeded to tell the manager on duty... it wasn't even 20 minutes into the movie when the manager and my colleague came into the movie theatre with flashlights and right up to us asking us for our tickets. I knew I was busted... I apologized and told them we would leave. We ran out of the theatre... I was terrified.

I had a shift a couple days later and got ready and had my dad drop me off as I always did. I started my shift and thought "phew, I got away with it!". But I was wrong... I got called into my General Managers office... a man who I had only seen a couple times before and never had a full conversation with over my whole year of working there. He asked me for my side of the story and there wasn't much to it. I snuck people in. I admitted my wrong and hung my head low, holding back the tears. He let me know that I was dismissed and he wished he didn't have to do it but he did. I grabbed my things and head out.

I was too ashamed to tell my dad I was fired and he would have to come and pick me up, so I sat outside and cried for a couple hours... yes, a couple hours. I finally pulled myself together and told my dad he could come and get me and I had been cut. He picked me up, and I didn't say a word the whole car ride home.

I couldn't tell my dad. I was so ashamed. I was a failure. My life was going to be a disaster if I couldn't even hold down my first job, AT A MOVIE THEATRE! How was I supposed to work in an office, or with children, or ANY JOB EVER if I couldn't even make it past my first job!!!

Here's the catch... fast forward two days... I'm secretly unemployed and I get a phone call from the movie theatre... I'm so scared to answer in fear that I'm going to get yelled at. I answer anyways. It's my General Manager... He says that he has a Birthday party coming in today and no one to work it. If I can make it in within the hour, I can have my job back... UHHH OF COURSE! I didn't have a ride to work so I hop on a bus. I keep my head down when I get to work and I host the best damn Birthday party this kid has ever had!

I keep my job. It is NEVER brought up again by anyone that I was fired... (My dad probably STILL doesn't know and is only finding out by reading this... Sorry dad!)

Nearly 10 years later, I'm now a way more responsible person who realizes that every action has a consequence and it's NEVER worth it to give into peer pressure. PLAY BY THE RULES!

I still haven't figured out my dream career, I don't work in child care, and if anything I've just changed my profession and now host adult birthday parties at the restaurant I work at. I'm constantly on the hunt for my dream career. I've completed a College Diploma in Business, a University Degree in Marketing and am now working on my Real Estate License because I believe that I will find what I've always been working towards even though I have NO IDEA what that is today.

It's coming, I will be patient. And more importantly, I WILL PLAY BY THE RULES AND APPRECIATE ANY AND ALL EXPERIENCE THAT COMES MY WAY. I may have thought I had my whole career figured out at 16 (I mean I also thought I was going to marry my first boyfriend at 16 and THANK GOD that didn't work out...) but now that I'm nearly 26 I realize that it's OKAY to not have it all figured out. Through hard work and passion, my dream career will come, I mean, I already found the dream man so the rest is sure to follow right? ;)

Up next week: (March 16th) Journal Entry #3: I Got Dumped in a Bathroom Stall.

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