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Things to Start Doing In 2020

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Healthy Things to Change This Year:

Drink more water:

o Drink a glass every time you use the washroom REPLENISH

o Leave bottled water around so that it is accessible (in the car especially)

o Set the background on your phone to something that says “DRINK WATER” so that every time you check your phone it is on your mind

o Take it a step even further and set alarms every 30 minutes to drink water

o There are tons of apps where you can track your water intake as well, I’ve never really had success with these but there are some ones that I know friends of mine have loved

o Get people on board! For me, in order to hold myself accountable I need to be able to hold others accountable (which sucks because then I rely on other people for my own health however that’s just what I NEED! Everyone has their own thing) I will get everyone on board for a water drinking contest at work to see who can drink the most in a shift. (However, bathroom breaks begin more vital for our team lol)

Start every week with a new Mantra:


o I have earned everything in my life by manifesting it. I made it all happen. I told myself that I would be living in BC by the time that I was 25 and HERE I AM. I told myself that my life would be worth living and HERE IT IS. Positive manifestation is a very powerful thing.

o Be careful… Negative manifestation is just as powerful. If you keep telling yourself that bad things are going to happen to you then chances are they will.

o You are only as good as your mindset.

Example: "I feel healthy and able."

Start Moisturizing NOW:

o I remember watching a Dr. Oz episode years ago and hearing him say that the way his wife stays look SO amazing (I’ve never seen her so I don’t know if this was just him being biased but cute that he mentioned her either way lol) is by moisturizing immediately after every shower before her skin has the chance to dry out.

o We are 80% water… why would we NOT try and keep ourselves from drying out.

o Apply moisturizer to your face DAY and NIGHT. Have 2 different types as your DAY should contain an SPF (the higher the better!) and your NIGHT should have super moisturizing powers and treatments you want your skin to receive. Just like the rest of your body, your skin does majority of its healing while you are asleep.

o ANTI-AGING IS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE YET TO SHOW SIGNS OF AGING. YEA!YOU! “Anti” meaning “in an attempt to avoid”. It is not Reversing-Aging cream. It won’t get RID of your wrinkles. It will attempt to avoid them. So, don’t feel weird about buying anti-wrinkle cream. It’s only going to pay your future self a favour.

Here are some of my favourite products at the moment:

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%- $6.90

The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants - $9.70

Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream - $20.99 (They also just came out with an anti-aging night cream that I have yet to try but I'll link it HERE.)

Take some time to sit in silence:

o Whether this is meditating, or simply unplugging from the world for a short second, sitting in silence gives us time to hear ourselves think. In today’s fast moving society we often forget that our inner voice is attempting to communicate with us. Tune out and Tune In to what your intuition is trying to tell you.

When you start feeling overwhelmed, write it out or walk it out:

o Walking helps us feel as though we are getting away from something. It also allows us to shut our brains off and do nothing but still get somewhere. You can space out and continue walking as it takes little to no effort or brain power to do it. This will help you think through things while still feeling like you’re accomplishing something. (Burning calories is something!) It also helps you get rid of any pent up energy or aggression that may have been building.

o Writing it out can often put things in to perspective. When we write things we often take a split second to think about what we want to write rather than just letting thoughts overcrowd our brain. We also have the opportunity to read it all back and ask ourselves “Am I overreacting?” “Have I come up with a solution/plan while writing this out” “What is the next step”. Whenever I am going through a hard time, I write everything out. Often I am blown away with the things that I wrote as I can’t believe some of the negativity that was floating around and tormenting me in my mind. While reading it back I am often appalled that my brain can even think that way and I often end up realizing that I am being WAY too hard on myself.

Meatless Mondays and Fish Fridays!:

o If you are not already vegetarian or vegan, then try and limit the amounts of meat that you are putting in your body. (Especially Pork and Beef!) I’m not saying that everyone needs to become a vegetarian because I am FAR from a vegetarian. However, ever since I started being more aware of the AMOUNT of meat that I am eating I have felt amazing. My lethargy has decreased, my mental cognitive function is noticeably improved and I often feel less bloated.

o Start by making 1 Vegetarian meal a week, then add 1 day a week where you only eat fish (Seafood is SO good for you, especially Salmon!) You will begin to look forward to coming up with new recipes and how these meals make you feel.

Find Ways to Reuse Before You Dispose:

o Every time you go to throw something the garbage or recycling (or even compost!) think to yourself "what else can this become" or "how else can this serve me" and TRY IT! Every little item will make a huge difference and you'll start saving money!

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